1. Leadership in Community Sports Academy 

The project aims at enhancing the significance and future benefits of investing in a skilled workforce with major focus and concentration in community sports.TheHorizontal Pathway is the focus here, regarding leadership training and development in sports. The pathway has four progressive training, development and empowerment levels, with attaining the master trainer qualification as the highest qualification level. Trainees are recruited from the ongoing and year-round sports and development programmes and activites. Training areas are; football coaching, match officiating, sports nutrition, sports injuries, sports management, etc.

2. Educational Scholarship Project

The project aims at supporting and facilitating educational needs of outstanding youths and coaches who are affiliated with the organization or are members of the organization. Brilliant boys and girls with the potential to further their education and come from poor background or are in need of educational support are recruited, profiled and sponsored within the project.

Focus is to support secondary education, whereby the prospective students are linked with high schools in Nairobi and neighbouring Counties in Kenya. These high schools have a long history of admitting student players. An arrangement is made whereby the organization pays school fees directly to schools’ bank accounts.

The project also links potential university students with agencies who are able to offer student loan support in a shared basis; it may be full loan or scholarship support or partly shared between the student’s sponsors, e.g our project or parent and the loan providing agency.

In some cases, primary education is also supported by the project, mainly supporting students with educational materials, uniforms, books required and meals, since primary education is free in Kenya, atleast with the government schools. This is done to the most needy boys and girls.