1. Sport and Development

Sports and Development is the core programme in the centre. It aims at strengthening community sporting, and displaying its value as a basis of all elite sporting programmes. It targets youths and athletes from as early as 5 years and on-wards. It has got two important features; whereby,

a) Sport is developed separately and importantly aimed at achieving sport oriented results. Its got year round activities such as;

  • Sports leagues and tournaments
  • Daily and weekly sports sessions
  • Sports clinics, specifically football, volleyball etc.
  • Improving sports facilities

b) Sport-for-development; the use of sport as a tool to carry on other development areas and goals. Sport is used to mobilize youths, athletes and leaders in order to engage them in specified and diverse development projects and areas. Some of the key programmes and projects in the centre, such as leadership, mentorship and life skills, and girls empowerment project will rely on the power of sport as a mobilizing and cohesive tool, before engaging the target participants in training, development and empowerment in defined areas.

2. The Football Academy 

The Football Academy aims at providing real training, development and empowerment of football athletes and sports leaders. It has been structured to link community sport and elite sport. Best of the best talented football players are trained and developed in readiness for elite performance in future years.

Boys and Girls are involved; structured in the following age categories;

  • U10
  • U 13
  • U15
  • U17
  • Senior Team Men, currently Baba Dogo United FC

3. Leadership and Excellence 

The LML (Leadership, Mentorship and Life Skills) programme aims at developing youths and athletes into efficient leaders in the organization, in sports and the communities they serve. They are mentored and provided with opportunities to excel in the areas of their talents and interests other than sports focused areas (i.e. they are granted opportunities to develop and excel as leaders, sport managers, project managers, artists, entrepreneurs, scholars, administrators, social workers, community developers etc.).

4. Education, Research and Innovation

a) With Education the centre aims at an educated and informed generation of youths who have full access and benefit with fundamental information areas regarding daily issues, life, education, career, governance and development at large. The programme has got  three areas of focus;

  • Community library and resource centres
  • Scholarship programme; to the very most outstanding members with interest in either basic (primary and secondary) education, higher education or special areas of education.
  • Creating awareness through public and/or community forums.

b) As the world and the human race evolves with time, the centre aims at providing opportunities for its target population to benefit with current trends, developmental opportunities and projects. Research works have been prioritized, with a constant programmatic monitoring and evaluation. Innovation is encouraged and opportunities granted to practice and set up working systems and structures for innovative ideas/initiatives. Among areas covered and encouraged are;

  • Sharing ideas and nurturing developmental concepts.
  • Research topics, project research and designing.
  • Project management.
  • Income generating projects.
  • Marketing and resource mobilization.