Community Coaching Course Started on a high note

The awaited community Coaching Course started on a high note today, the 4th January 2016 at Baba Dogo field. Coaches in attendance being former premier league players, ex-national soccer team players, and local coaches handling youth teams (Football Academy teams) in Baba Dogo and its environs.

The course is scheduled to continue until 15th January 2016. Topics to be covered are;

Athlete Performance and Development

Sports Nutrition and Sports Injuries, with specific focus in Injuries prevention.

Coaches will be certified and be invited in the next series of community Coaching training all throughout the year.

Today, the course instructor trained the coaches, taking them through theory, then finishing with practicals.



He then later in the evening had a specialised training with Baba Dogo United FC.




Community Coaching Course

Centre of Sports Academy and Excellence in collaboration with FKF Kasarani Sub-branch and Baba Dogo United FC (a local football club) has organised for a community coach education and training, scheduled for 4th to 15th January 2015, at Baba Dogo. The courses to be trained are targeting football coaches and sports leaders in Baba Dogo and its environs, the larger Kasarani and selected centres in Nairobi.

The expert trainer is Donald Robinson, an athlete performance expert from Texas, USA.

Courses to be covered are:

  1. Sports Performance
  2. Athlete Performance
  3. Sports Nutrition
  4. Sports Injuries

Clubs, local teams, agencies and coaches are free to register for the highly awaited trainings. Please register to be included in the training through the following Mobile and WhatsApp number: 0720435886…



Second Edition of Amos Wakili Tourney: 2015 Finals

The finals are here, match no. 32 in the fixtures of the second edition of Amos Wakili Tourney, on Saturday, 19th December 2015, featuring Baba Dogo United FC vs Kenafric Rubber FC, from 1430hrs, Baba Dogo field.

This year’s tourney attracted teams from all over Nairobi, and well organised indeed, a success indicator of the expertise employed towards the progress of every single match day from match no. 1 to the last match no. 32.

Again Centre of Sports Academy and Excellence had a representation in the organising committee of this local tourney, and together with other key stakeholders in Baba Dogo, i.e, Kenafric FC and Baba Dogo United FC, quality assurance was guaranteed from day one to the last day coming this Saturday.

Referees from all over Nairobi, best men with whistles took charge of every match. Elite coaches in Kenya came around to scout for players, close to 6,000 local funs have been enjoying the matches and more than all, the goodwill and support from key stakeholders have increased.

The tourney was professionally covered and publicised this year: please refer to the links below;

The Final Match

About Quarter Finals and Semi Finals3&4

About Quarter Finals and Semi Finals1&2

This year’s tourney featured the following teams in order of appearance during the tourney match days:

First round teams:

  1. EPZ Balaji FC
  2. Jua Kali Rangers FC
  3. Kahawa All Stars
  4. Kariobangi All Stars
  5. Kariobangi Sports FC
  6. Metro Sports FC
  7. Tandaza UN FC
  8. Wilber Soccer Academy

Quarter finalists:

  1. Korogocho Youth FC
  2. Lucky Summer FC
  3. Mbotela Kamaliza FC
  4. St. John FC

Semi finalists:

  1. Baba Dogo United Senior
  2. Kenafric Fresh FC


Match no. 32: Baba Dogo United FC vs Kenafric Rubber FC

All eyes are in the third edition now and COSAE will be looking to task an expert again through consultancy to aid the tourney’s planning and progress.

The Passion of Community Coaching

It was after school holidays morning tuition classes, informally organised by JPassie Omondi, at Kiwanja, extreme north of Nairobi City. A sports session that was so much loved and actively participated in by children, both young boys and girls, despite not having specialised training equipment support. Centre of Sports Academy and Excellence, strives to add value in such passionate individuals and communicate the power, that is, with community sports and community coaching. It is such community coaches, such as JPassie Omondi, that we strive to encourage, support and educate so that their impact will be felt widely.

Annual Amos Wakili Tournament Underway

COSAE’s tournament management experts have been busy running the prestigious local tournament dubbed Amos Wakili Tournament, sponsored by one Advocate Amos. The tournament in its second edition this year, started in mid September 2015 with finals scheduled for 19th December 2015. This year the tournament attracted a total number of 16 teams from all over Nairobi City. At this stage, the tournament has reached the Semi Finals stage, with Baba Dogo United FC, Baba Dogo United Senior, Kenafric Rubber FC and Kenafric Fresh FC the final four at the moment.

Soka 25 East has been covering thetournament, and its latest published progress of Amos Wakili Tournament is below:

Baba Dogo and Kenafric qualify for Amos Wakili semi final

COSAE has planned for focused trainings in the areas of community sports, league and tournament management and sports injuries and

Leadership in Community Sports Project

Leadership in Community Sports Project is taking shape, this is after a completed research entitled, “Leadership in Community Sports – The Horizontal Pathway”. Coaches, match officials, sports injuries practitioners and sports coordinators will have a training and development system, structure and accreditation in place. Soon a recruitment tool will be shared to target community coaches and sports leaders.